A short introduction to Jets d’encre


Youth press : phenomenon of great width, however little recognized

That it hesitates between spontaneity and determination, between entertainment and civism, between imitation of professional press and permanent search for alternative design and contents, press made by youth always express an authentic opinion.

Unique and major phenomenon, it remains nevertheless confronted with many barriers. Censorship is the major one, disinterest is another, all are as many violations towards freedom of expression of young people. Very often isolated, young journalists are relatively badly informed of their rights, their responsibilities and the material possibilities that they can apply for.

“Jets d’encre”, a national and independent network of young journalists

“Jets d’encre” aims to unite, value, develop and defend newspapers created by young people in school (college, high-school) or out school (association…).

It ensures its activities independently of any political, philosophical or religious group, and respectful towards diversity and authenticity of their writings. It adopts the Charter of  young journalists as its code of ethics.


The Charter of young journalists

French young journalists:

1 – Are entitled to freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

2 – Assert the right of opinion and contribute to guarantee the right to information for everyone.

3 – Take responsibility for all their writings or other forms of expression, signed or not.

4 – Are opened with any discussion on their writings and engage, by concern of truth, to rectify any erroneous information.

5 – Regard calumny and lies as a fault, without giving up satirical or humorous modes of expression.

6 – Consider censorship and any form of moral or material pressure for unacceptable attacks against their freedom of expression, in particular in schools, cultural places and all other places of life of young people.


“Youth initiative” ?

We want to fight to make recognize youth press as an experiment of exceptional richness: these newspapers are great spaces of freedom and collective autonomy, alive places where youth reflects, dialogues, engages. For our association, the most important part of youth press is initiative, above the fact that it is a form of expression.

We apply to us same this principle: our statutes forbid the people of more than 25 years to belong to association, a guarantee so that the association remains representative of its members and that its activity is clearly controlled by young people from youth press. The average age of our board members is currently 20.


Our activities

The association’s active members propose advices, methodological help, formations, moments of exchange, legal support for youth journalists in difficulty, victims of pressures or censure. They intercede regularly to promote and value this singular press with all interested people or institutions.

“Jets d’encre” organizes “Expresso”, the annual festival of French youth press: a two-day festival built around the creation of newspapers during one sleepless night on ten imposed subjects.

We also moderate “l’Observatoire des pratiques de presse lycéenne” (working group around youth press experiences in high schools), composed of eighteen French major organizations and associations of the educational community, so that texts can apply intelligently, and also to achieve recognition of youth press as an important part of oneself development.



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